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September 2008 Minutes

Minutes of September 12, 2008 Federation meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 8:03 p.m. by President Tony Going. All Board members were in attendance.

The following chapters were not in attendance: Bass Kickers; Berkley; Bucketmouth Brigade; Clearwater; Cullin’ Bass Six; Essex County; KOBA; Northern NJ; Salem County; South Jersey Hawg Hunters; Sunrise; and Tri-State.

The Minutes from the June 13, 2008 Federation meeting were read by Recording Secretary Nick Angiulo. The minutes were accepted via motion/second.

The Treasury Report was read by Treasurer, Jim Bartolotto. The Treasury Report was accepted via motion/second.

President Tony Going indicated that the 2008 State Team would be going to Lake Erie in two weeks. He stated that each member received significant compensation from the Federation to fish in the event; including clothing, food and fuel expenses. In fact, he noted that every boater would receive $1,000 to help combat the rising fuel and lodging costs. He indicated that unlike some organizations, the Federation seeks to cover all of the expenses for its State Team members.

The Tournament Report was given by Tournament Director Al Purdy. Al stated that the United Bass Anglers won the Team Tournament, followed by Mega Bass and Clearwater. The top six qualifiers from that event are: Manny Cruz, Bill Kanwisher, Rich Schneidereit, Jason Orrechio, George Hutchinson and John Carpenter. Al indicated that the event was generally a great success. He also stated that the Delaware River point event was difficult, as expected. The Boater Division winner was Mike Wallace and the Co-Angler Division winner was Aaron Melnick. For the upcoming tournament at Lake Hopatcong there is a relatively large field of Boaters but a relatively small field of Co-Anglers. Al encouraged more Co-Anglers to participate in the last Greenwood Lake event.

Al stated there were some significant issues at the Team event. He indicated that there was a protest which he could not uphold based on conflicting accounts of the event. However, he later learned, significantly after the incident, that two of the parties involved actually lied to him. Al emphasized that if anyone witnesses a rule infraction or unethical or unsportsmanlike conduct, to report it to him by writing it down and presenting it to him no later than 10 minutes after the weigh-in scales close and he will keep the complainant anonymous. Al also indicated that a local Vermont angler complained of a New Jersey angler who was rude to him on the water. This individual actually wrote a letter to the Federation to complain as well as to the New York and Vermont fishing authorities requesting that the Federation not be issued any permits in the future.

Al stated there were also problems with the Delaware River event. At the weigh-in, a Pennsylvania DNR official indicated he caught six anglers fishing in Pennsylvania water without a license. The officer was unwilling to write tickets and no anglers filed a protest so Al could not take any punitive actions. Al emphasized that Federation anglers are representing the Federation as well as New Jersey and rule violators put the Federation in a bad light. Member Doug Peabody asked whether it would be a good idea to require anglers who receive checks to produce their fishing license. Al indicated that he would take that under advisement but that anglers should be on notice from here forward that they should be prepared to be asked to produce a license, boat registration, etc., upon request at tournaments.

Secretary Bruce Stovall read the tournament rules on conduct to all of the members in attendance. Member Guy Giordano indicated that he was on one of the boats that had the issue on the Delaware and indicated that his Boater did not have a license, registration, etc.

Al stated that for the 2009 tournament season, there will be no off limits period for any tournament. This will be a trial for the 2009 tournament season. Tony stated that the reasons behind this is to try to help anglers by not requiring them to go to practice the week before, and, in essence, make two complete trips. Tony and Executive Officer Forest Honeywell indicated that if the membership disapproved, the requirement would be changed.

Secretary Stovall stated that each club must present a preliminary 2009 club roster to him at the October meeting. However, the money due for the members on the roster ($15 per member) is due at the November meeting. In December, Treasurer Bartolotto will send one check to the TBF for all of the member TBF dues. The Federation will receive $1 back from the TBF for all of the members paid as of December 31, 2008. The final rosters, including all of the other fees, etc., for the Team Tournament, etc., are due at the December meeting.

Bruce also stated that he had the Reel to Reel advertiser letters available for this year’s Reel to Reel. These letters were passed out to those members in attendance. He also stated that any clubs that wanted to have an article in the Reel to Reel, to submit it to Mike Kozub as soon as possible. Bruce urged the clubs to get ads. He indicated that an ad from any legitimate business would suffice. Clubs which do not secure an advertisement will be assessed a $75 fee.

Executive Officer Honeywell stated that he attended the National Guard Junior World Championship. Junior Nicholas Goebel finished second in his Division and Joe Appaluccio finished fifth in his Division. There were 78 anglers representing 39 states at the event. Forest stated that he appreciated all of the members who have helped out with the youth during the year.

Forest indicated that the Federation would hold casting events on both September 27 and 28 at the Pequest Hatchery’s Wildlife Heritage Festival. He asked for anyone who was willing to volunteer to contact him.

Forest also stated that the Youth State Qualifier would be held at the Picatinny Arsenal on October 4 and he encouraged members to attend and or volunteer. He also stated that the TBF is starting a program where it would be going into schools to educate students about the benefits of angling and the angling industry.

Treasurer Bartolotto indicated that two checks were taken from his checkbook and cashed. He stated that the individual will be identified by the bank and they will be prosecuted. He stated if the individual comes forward, there may be some sort of leniency.

Recording Secretary Nick Angiulo gave a preliminary tournament report. He stated the preliminary schedule is:

April 26 – Susquehanna Flats (Ramp TBD)
May 7, 8 – Kerr Reservoir – Team Tournament
June 7 – Candlewood Lake (Squantz Cove and Lattins Cove)
July 12 – Lake Hopatcong (Lees Park)
August 30 – Greenwood Lake (Ramp TBD)
October 4 – Susquehanna Flats (Ramp TBD)

He indicated that the schedule was still tentative and would be confirmed as soon as possible; although the Team Tournament and the Candlewood Lake tournament are confirmed.

Tony stated that South Hill will be giving us $3,000 for the Team Tournament and that there would be a raffle for rooms in the future.

Nominations for the offices of President and Treasurer were solicited. A member nominated both Tony Going and Jim Bartolotto for the respective officers. Another member seconded both nominations. No other nominations were presented.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 9:08 p.m.
Submitted by Nick Angiulo, Recording Secretary.