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June 2007 Minutes

Minutes of June 8, 2007 Federation meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 8:05 p.m. by President Tony Going. Vice President Mike Hart and Executive Officer Forest Honeywell were not in attendance.

The following chapters were not in attendance: Bass Assassin Six; Bass Busters; Bass Kickers; Bergen; Berkley; Bucketmouth Brigade; Bass Squad; Clearwater; Cumberland County; Garden State; Hawg Heaven; Hawg Stickers; Lake Hopatcong; Mega Bass Six; Mercer County; Metro; New Jersey Bass Anglers; Northern New Jersey Bassmasters; Predators; Raritan Valley; Sunrise; Super Six; Tightline; Tri-State; United; Woods and Water.

President Going indicated that there was not a quorum of clubs in attendance; therefore, no business could be conducted without him deeming the meeting legal. He then deemed the meeting legal.

The Minutes from the April 13, 2007 Federation meeting were read by Recording Secretary Nick Angiulo. The minutes were accepted via motion/second.

The Treasury Report was read by Treasurer John Carlone. The report was accepted via motion/second.

The Tournament Report was given by Tournament Director Al Purdy. Al stated that the Team Tournament statistics have not been posted on the website since he has had recent computer problems. He assured the membership that the statistics would be posted very shortly. He indicated that the Team Tournament was successful and commended the anglers and staff since there were very few dead fish. However, he did indicate his extreme concern regarding an incident that occurred prior to the start of Day 2, where one boat rode up on another boat. One boat did not have its running lights on and the other appeared to be going faster than was required. Luckily, no injuries or serious damage occurred. Al reminded everyone to take proper safety precautions when on the water. Regarding the Susquehanna Flats event, he stated that everything went relatively smoothly, notwithstanding that he missed the weigh-in after getting caught on a sand bar.

For the upcoming Greenwood Lake event, Al stated that the turnout will be small and the payout schedules will be adjusted. In this regard, in anticipation of moving to a full “pro-am” type circuit next season, the top six finishers in the boater and co-angler division would receive prize money based on the number of entries in each division. Lunker would also be paid to each division. He also indicated that for the rest of the season, there would be no “flipping” and a boater would be guaranteed the use of his or her boat. Al also indicated that members should patronize Skip’s Dockside Marina at Greenwood if possible since that is the only marina which allows Federation tournaments the use of his facility for its weigh-in.

Tony indicated that the TBF was pushing all State Federations to move to a “pro-am” style tournament circuit.

Secretary Bruce Stovall indicated that Vice President Hart also wanted to express his concern about the boat incident at the Team Tournament. He reiterated that every boater needs to exercise safe operation at all times.

Tony stated that B.A.S.S. recently gave the operation of its weekend series events to the American Bass Association (formerly Military Bass). Others in attendance indicated that the average turnout for those events was very low.

Show Director Joe Poms stated that a new booth needed to be purchased for next year’s outdoor shows. He also stated that a local business would be running a local fundraiser for children’s cancer research. In this regard, he stated that he would like to try to have a casting-type competition for both kids and adults with prizes to help raise money for the cause. The event is scheduled for August 26 at the Garden State Plaza.

Treasurer Carlone indicated that his club was scheduled to take several Wounded Warriors out fishing on June 24 at Greenwood Lake. He requested the Federation banner to use and stated that he is attempting to get the media to cover the event. Tony stated that the banner would be provided.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:55 p.m.
Submitted by Nick Angiulo, Recording Secretary.