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February 2007 Minutes

Minutes of February 9, 2007 Federation meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 8:01 p.m. by Vice President Mike Hart presiding in President Tony Going’s absence. The following chapters were not in attendance: Bass Assassin Six; Bass Kickers; Bergen; Berkley; Bladerunners; Bucketmouth Brigade; Bass Squad; Catch & Release; Cumberland County; Garden State; Hawg Stickers; Jackson; Lake Hopatcong; Metro; Rockaway; Swimming River; Tightline; Tri-State.

The Minutes from the January 12, 2007 Federation meeting were read by Recording Secretary Nick Angiulo. The minutes were accepted via motion/second. It is noted that after the meeting, a representative of the New Jersey Bass Hunters indicated that a member had attended the January meeting but forgot to sign in. Based on the Recording Secretary’s recollection, the member described was in attendance at the January meeting. Accordingly, the club was credited with attendance at the January meeting.

The Treasury Report was read by Treasurer John Carlone. The report was accepted via motion/second.

The Tournament Report was given by Tournament Director Al Purdy. Al stated that all of the tournament dates for 2007 were firm. He also reminded the members that the final Team Tournament rosters were due, without exception, at the March meeting, and should include all potential members of the team. He also stated that copies of boater safety certificates were needed for those who did not have their certificate already on file with him, and copies of valid boater’s insurance was needed for all potential boaters. He also asked that the teams list their boaters first on the roster. In response to a question about the size limit for the Team Tournament, Al stated that he would decide the size limit by the next meeting.

Next, Executive Officer Honeywell stated that the “TBF’s Reel Kids” casting competition held on January 13 and 14 at the Edison Outdoor Show was very successful. He asked for further volunteers to help hold another casting event at the Pequest Hatchery on March 31 and April 1. He also asked for members to contribute any extra soft plastics they could for these events. Finally, he noted that the youth would most likely be holding a lake clean-up in April, with further details to follow at a later date.

John Carlone asked for clubs to volunteer their time in conjunction with his club in taking disabled veretans fishing this summer. He indicated that he will post further information in this regard on the website.

Secretary Stovall thanked the clubs for submitting their rosters and fees in a timely manner. He also noted that some of the clubs would still need to remit fees for some Reel to Reel ads. Finally, he stated that he still needed shirt sizes from many clubs for their Team Tournament members.

Tournament Committee Director Marty Klapa indicated that the 2008 Federation schedule was in the initial stages of planning. He stated that there may be an opportunity to explore new locations and asked the members in attandance for suggestions. He stated that locations should be no further than 200 miles from Trenton. Several suggestions were made, including the Connecticut River, the Nanticoke River, Raystown Lake, Great Sacandaga Lake, and Lake Anna. Marty stated that the members should solicit further suggestions from their clubs and report them to him at the March meeting or via e-mail at <>.

Banquet Coordinator Dave Frost indicated that members could still purchase banquet tickets up until approximately February 13. He stated that his phone number is posted on the website. He indicated that there were already approximately 40 tickets sold.

Environmental Director Ron Wiese stated that New York has identified a new form of fish virus. He stated that information regarding this virus could be obtained via a website which has various information regarding viruses and how to protect the waters. He stated that he will post the information on the website.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:31 p.m.

Submitted by Nick Angiulo, Recording Secretary.