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March 2013 Minutes

Minutes of March 8, 2013 Federation meeting.

By Recording Secretary Nick Angiulo

The meeting was called to order at 8:02 p.m. by President Tony Going. Treasurer Forest Honeywell and Executive Officer Doug Peabody were not in attendance.

The following chapters were not in attendance: Bass Kickers; East Coast; Essex County; Hawg Heaven; K.O.B.A.; New Jersey Bass Hunters; United Bass Anglers and Warren County.

The Minutes from the January 11, 2013 Federation meeting were read by Secretary Nick Angiulo. The Minutes were accepted via motion/second.

Vice President Mike Hart read the Treasury Report in Treasurer Forest Honeywell’s absence. The Treasury Report was accepted via motion/second.

Tournament Director Al Purdy indicates he needs the final rosters for the Team Tournament as soon as possible with copies of each team’s Boater’s insurance information. The rosters can be mailed to him or scanned an e-mailed to him. The official practice days for the event will be May 12 to May 15, during which only the six participants and the alternate or a close family member are allowed on the water in the boats that the team bring to the event. All tournament rules are also in effect during that period (e.g., you must wear a pfd while engine is running, etc). Also, no guides are permitted during the official practice period. There is no off-limits period prior to those dates. On May 15, all anglers must be off the water at 2 p.m. The Captain’s Meeting is at 3 p.m. If your team has no changes, a phone call to Al prior to the Captain’s Meeting is sufficient. The pairings meeting is at 4 p.m. on May 15 and attendance is mandatory. Both meetings will be held in the Wal Mart parking lot adjacent to Route 40. The tournament days are May 16 and May 17. The official ramp is Anchor Marine. The first point tournament is the following day, Saturday, May 18. Anglers not in the Team Tournament who are fishing the point event are permitted to practice any time prior to the event, but they are not permitted to give any assistance to other club members who are fishing in the Team Tournament. Off limits areas aside from those already mandated by law are Swan Creek and the ramp area of Anchor Marine (specifics to be provided).

Youth Director Dennis Foley indicated that the Riggin and Jiggin Junior Bassmasters held Kids Casting events at the Suffern Outdoor Show. They will also be at the upcoming Somerset show and the Next Generation Bassmasters will be at the Pequest Hatchery event. Dennis also asked that if any members have old tackle or baits they should bring them to the Federation meetings and donate them to the kids. Dennis also indicated that all of the youth clubs can use additional Boat Captains for their events. Dennis introduced Sean Combs, a member of the Bergen Bassmasters, who has started a high school club at Liberty High School in Jackson, New Jersey. At a preliminary meeting, he had 63 kids show up as interested and he expects upwards of 30 to actually join. His plan is to hold several local events during this season and qualify 3 to 5 teams for the High School Regionals.

President Tony Going indicated that the Board recently had an Executive Meeting. Of note, the Board authorized a new weigh-in system, including a “bag-in-bag” system as well as a new aeration system. Regarding the tournament schedule, Tony stated that a questionnaire will be distributed regarding the 2014 season and beyond. Tony asked that all anglers fill out the questionnaire. Tony also stated that he appointed a Tournament Committee from the Board Members who will come up with two separate schedules for 2014; one with more distant locations and one with a more local schedule. Depending upon how this season goes, we will decide which schedule will be implemented for 2014.

A motion was made by member Lee Morris to have the highest finishing Co-Angler in the points standings and in the Team Tournament, otherwise not in the top five overall, receive co-angler spots on the State Team. The motion was seconded. A vote on the motion will be held at the next regular meeting.

Member Darren Pincus asked about on-line applications and on-line payments. Vice President Hart indicated that it would be expensive and difficult without a web designer. He indicated that any Federation member willing to voluntarily develop a more robust website that would enable such functionality should contact him.

Tournament Director Purdy gave out the 2012 awards: Of note are the following:

Angler of the Year – Rich McCrone
Co-Angler of the Year – Lee Morris
Boater Rookie of the Year – Rich McCrone
Co-Angler Rookie of the Year – Rob Gilmartin
Man of the Year – Marc Goldberg
Club of the Year – Castaway Bassmasters

The winner of the raffle for a Quantum rod was Daniel Pincus, Darren Pincus’ son. The Federation collected $115.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 9:11 p.m.
Submitted by Nick Angiulo, Secretary.