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January 2012 Minutes

Minutes of January 13, 2011 Federation meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 8:04 p.m. by President Tony Going. Tournament Director Al Purdy and Environmental Director were not in attendance.
The following chapters were not in attendance: Bass Kickers; Bucketmouth; Central NJ; Clearwater (excused); Essex County Bassmasters; Gloucester County (excused); Hawg Heaven; K.O.B.A. (excused); New Jersey Bass Hunters; Northern NJ Bassmasters; Over The Ridge (excused); Raritan Valley Bassmasters; and United Bass Anglers.
The Minutes from the December 9th, 2011 Federation meeting were read by Secretary Bruce Stovall. The Minutes were accepted via motion/second.
Treasurer Forest Honeywell read the Treasury Report. The Treasury Report was accepted via motion/second.
In the Tournament Director’s absence Secretary Bruce Stovall noted that Green County chamber of commerce has obligated $1500.00 to NJBF for the 2012 Hudson River event. The amount Cecil County Md. will commit to NJBF’s tournament on the Susquehanna Flats is still unknown. In an effort to increase points events participation in 2012 a change has been made that will allow Non-TBF members an opportunity to fish two NJBF Points events without committing to join the Federation. Sort of a try before you buy opportunity. How does this work? Non-TBF members are eligible to compete for the cash payout only. Non-TBF members will not receive points and are not eligible to qualify for the Mid-Atlantic Divisional Team, nor are they eligible to fish the 6 Man Team Tournament.
Tired of not fielding a full team for the Top Six Team Tournament? You know that it is nearly impossible to win the coveted NJBF Cup if you don’t have a full team. So… this year everyone who was on a club roster on December 31st is eligible to fish as a member of any team needing to fill a complete 6 man roster. In other words, as time draws near the April deadline for final roster submittal and you only have 4 members on your roster you may contact Secretary Stovall via email at <> and he will provide you with two names of available individuals who want to fish but aren’t already signed up with their clubs roster. For this approach to work, those members who want to fish must notify Secretary Stovall via email above no later than 15 March 2012. Their names will go on a “Team Tournament List to Fish Pool”. Names from the “Team Tournament List to Fish Pool” will be provided to the team needing to fill their 6 Man Team Roster. Details concerning, boater/rider position on the team, shared costs associated with member participation and club having the need will be worked out between the Member and the Club having the need. NJBF board will not be responsible for any costs associated with this arrangement. Let’s see if we can have a full field of 6 Man Teams in 2012.
Dennis Foley has been appointed as the 2012 Youth Director position. He has been working closely with the youth clubs in the past, he has captained for several years at the Junior State Championships, and has been totally involved with Reel Kids Casting events at the outdoor shows. Please welcome and support Dennis as NJBF’s 2012 Youth Director.
The 2012 Reel To Reel is out, make sure you support our local and national sponsors throughout the year.
President Tony Going mentioned that the Board has decided to downsize the Federation Trailer. It is expensive to operate and has outlived several tow vehicles. A single axle trailer will be cheaper on tolls and more economical to tow. The NJBF trailer: 1999 Dual Axle Hallmark enclosed Trailer (14’x7’) is for sale for $2500.00 or best offer. If we can’t sale it outright we will trade it in for one that is more forgiving on the average tow vehicle. We are currently working with several trailer companies to get the best overall deal. Moving forward the person towing the trailer will receive $125.00 and a free tournament entry. Forest Honeywell has signed up to tow the trailer for the 2012 points events. We will need someone to tow the new trailer to the Team Tournament this year, a $250.00 tow fee will be paid, Contact Tournament Director Al Purdy if you are interested.
Discussion about payout at the team tournament and whether we wanted to change the way we do it (individual payout to the top 6 or team payout to the top 3 teams). It was suggested that it remain the same to keep the Team theme and harmony.
President Going also, lead a discussion for ideas on how to grow membership, and increase participation on both the Boater and Rider side. A couple of suggestions came from the floor that will require some looking into.
Executive Officer Doug Peabody discussed the Alabama Rig and lead a short discussion on whether it will be outlawed in future organized tournaments.
NJBF Club of the Year presentations were given by Bergan and Castaway Bassmasters and a vote was taken by secret ballot of those clubs in attendance. Castaway Bassmasters was voted as the 2011 NJBF Club Of The Year! Congratulations Castaway, for the hard work in 2011, their 2012, 6 Man Team Tournament entry is Free!
Nominations for Person of the Year were accepted: Congratulations to Kaz Dabrowski and Jerry Rosenzweiz for both being selected for NJBF 2011 Person of the Year. Both members should be proud of their selection.
Megastrike is offering a 25% discount to all NJBF club members for all online <> or phone orders (732-780-7383) made through March 1st. Discount code CLUB25.
A raffle for a Quantum Tour Rod was conducted, $110.00 was collected, and it was won by Bill Taber of the Big “D” Valley Bassmasters. That is his second win in a row. Hmmmm? Congratulations Bill!

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 9:35 p.m.

Submitted by, Bruce Stovall, Secretary