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April 2013 Minutes

Minutes of April 12th, 2013 Federation meeting.

By Recording Secretary Nick Angiulo

Attendees: All present except Mike Hart and Nick Angiulo were excused. Mike was getting married and Nick was attending the Nationals as a co-angler.

President Going calls the meeting to order at 8:05 pm. Tony tells the members present that Nick Angiulo will be going to the BFL All American and how Nick did a fantastic job. Nick finished 6th on the Co-Angler side. This was Nick’s third trip to the Nationals.President Going had to make the meeting legal due to the lack of clubs present.

The list of Club present were:

Big D; Castaway; Essex County; Greenback; KOBA; Limiters; Over the Ridge; Quickfire; United.
Tony also reports on the proposal that was to be voted at this meeting will not be voted on due to the lack of participation at the meeting; only 9 clubs were present. Forest Honeywell reads the minutes of the previous meeting. Motion to accept and seconded. So voted. Forest reads Treasurers report. Motion to accept and seconded. So voted.

The May membership meeting has to be cancelled due to conflict with our Team Tournament and the Legion is using the hall on that Friday night. Tournament Director Al Purdy reports about the team tournament and Tournament rules. Off limits and boat size changes. Al also reports that the extra boat drawing will be held at the end of the meeting.

President Going then recognizes Jerry Rosenzweig for this effort in the making of our video to assist our group in trying to win the Lowrance Award for 2013. Mike Keller brings a motion to the floor that he would like Jim Bartolotto’s life sentence ban reduced. This motion is seconded by Jerry Rosenzweig. This motion is to be voted at the next meeting. Environmental/College Report: PJ reports that Jeff Voss and Joe Zapf will be leaving to fish the College National Championship at Beaver Lake in Arkansas.

PJ also reports that Ramapo and Rutgers will be having a paper tournament on the first of the month at Lake Hopatcong and PJ will need boat captains. A drawing for the new rod was won by John Gindhart of United. $101.00 was collect from the raffle. The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 PM . Minutes were taken and submitted by Doug Peabody due to Nick’s Absence.

Extra Boat Rotation
1 Cullin Bass 6 9 Bergen 17 KOBA 25 Blazin Bass
2 Jackson 10 Jersey Bassmasters 18 Essex County 26 Predators
3 Berkley 11 Bass Assassin 6 19 Castaway 27 Lake Hopatcong
4 Mega Bass 6 12 Raritan Valley 20 Bass Kickers 28 East Coast Bass Ang
5 Bass Busters 13 Limiters 21 Green Back 29 Clearwater
6 Big D Valley 14 Over the Ridge 22 Hawg Heaven 30 Team Alpha
7 Northern Bass 15 United 23 Mercer County 31 NJ Bass Hunters
8 No Jersey Bass Ang. 16Gloucester County 24So Jersey Hawg Hunters 32Quick Fire 33Bucket mouth