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December 2007 Minutes

Minutes of NJBF Meeting – December 7, 2007

Call to Order by Tony @ 7:55 PM
Absent Officers:John Carlone, Treasurer, Nick Anguilo and Al Purdy also not in attendance.
Minutes of November meeting read by Bruce. No comments by members. Motion made to accept minutes and received a second.

Tony reported on the TBF accounting he received and Bruce read the accounting aloud to the members. Tony advised that the accounting did not include sponsorship money and that an additional report would be forthcoming, A copy of the accounting was available for review by all members at the meeting.

Mike advised that the Board had met on November 28, 2007 to discuss a “Pro Am” style circuit for the NJBF. A presentation was made to the membership regarding the proposed tournament rules. The matter was opened for discussion by the Members in attendance. Concerns were raised over the following:

Rule #8 (Co-angler cannot fish from front of boat while in control of boat);
Rule #2 (Co-Angler casting from back of boat only) – what is the exact area that a Co-Angler can cast from/to?);
Suggestion made from floor that an item should be added: Boater not permitted to intentionally point the boat and put co-angler at a disadvantage.
Rule #7 (Sharing expenses) – not fair that Co-angler shares expenses if co-angler does not have a choice on where to fish.

Mike asked that the proposal be brought back to the Clubs for review and that the Clubs attend the January meeting to voice their comments, concerns and suggestions on the “Pro Am” style rules.
Suggestion made from the floor to keep track of boaters who fish alone at tournaments.

Tony strongly encouraged the members to attend the January and added that the purpose of the meeting was to accomplish something. He also commented that a member should not come if he was just going to cause trouble or be a cry baby.
It was stressed more than once by various Board members that if a member wants to voice his opinion or comments on the “Pro Am” style tournament rules that he must come to the January meeting to be heard.

Mike again stressed that it was up to the members to make the final approval on the proposed Pro Am style circuit.
Mike advised that the 2008 Tournament Schedule was firm. He also discussed and read the Boater/Co-Angler format.
Tony advised that additional money for the NJBF was being generated by Raffles and sale of merchandise from sponsors. The NJBF is also seeking sponsors for tournaments to increase payouts at tournaments.

There is an 80% payout right now. There is $3,000 put into tournament payouts which was derived from the sale of merchandise sold to date which works out to an additional $600 per tournament.
Bruce advised that he has 3 possible sponsors right now which would mean 3 tournaments in 2008 will have an increased payout.

Tony commented that there was money coming from Ranger and that a portion may go back into the tournament circuit.
Mike advised that North Jersey Marine would be attending the January meeting to distribute Ranger Cup checks and checks to individuals who purchased Ranger boats in 2007.

NJBF to receive $16,000 in Ranger dollars.
Bruce explained the breakdown on how the money derived from tournament entry fees was applied.
Tony advised that no portion of the entry fees goes toward operating expenses, which has always been the case, and that the money has always been a 100% return in some way.

Mike states that 90% gets paid back to the Members. Does not affect the Team Tournament. It is treated as a Club event not an Angler event.

Tony stated that the “Pro Am” style circuit will require some changes to the By-Laws.
A policy and procedure manual to be published in March. E-mail to Club contacts for manuals.
New NJBF patches are in and available for purchase at a cost of $2 each. Hats with patches are on order and not yet received.
Bruce advised that he received an e-mail from Mike Kozub regarding clubs that still owe money for ads. List of clubs was read. Bruce advised that The Reel to Reel has gone to the printer.
Tony advised that The Reel to Reel will contain a lot of old pictures this year.

Money from Top 20 paid back at tournaments in 2007. No money to be held out in future for Top 20. There will still be a “Mr. Bass” award for the Boater and Rider under the proposed new “Pro Am” style circuit.
Forest introduced the two junior anglers who won the 2007 NJBF Junior State Championship held on October 6, 2007 on Lake Denmark at Picatinny Arsenal: Nick Goebel of Next Generation in the 11-14 age group and Frank Appaluccio of Next Generation in the 15-18 age group. Both champions will be representing the NJBF at the 2008 National Guard Junior Anglers World Championship to be held in August during the week of the Forrest Wood Cup in Columbia, South Carolina.

Joe Poms informed the members that volunteers are still needed for the upcoming sportsmen shows, the first one being held at Jan. 11-13 at Raritan Center in Edison.
Tony advised that the NJBF will be purchasing a new booth for use at the shows as the old one is falling apart. He also advised that the NJBF will not be purchasing a new scale as we already have 3 scales that are functional.

Tony thanked Lowrance and Minn Kota for the donation of merchandise which is being sold by the NJBF. Quantum no longer a sponsor. There has been a decrease in the merchandise that the NJBF receives from Berkeley.
Diane Johnson advised that Berkshire Valley was resigning due to financial reasons. Greenback would be taking over as the adult sponsor club for the Next Generation junior chapter.
Diane Johnson, on behalf of Greenback, requested a youth and environmental donation for a kids fishing event hosted by the Club and the article done for The Reel to Reel.
Tony advised that any NJBF member that purchased a Ranger boat in 2007 from an out-of-state dealer should immediately contact Mike Hart as the NJBF gets Ranger credits for all boats purchased.

Bergen Bassmasters submitted paperwork to be considered for the “Club of the Year” award. Oral presentation to be done at the January meeting.
A rod was raffled off at the meeting and won by Mike Hart. Proceeds from Raffle was $166 (confirm this amount with Tony).
Tony advised the membership that “Mel Applegate” (check with Tony on spelling) passed away during the past week.

Motion to adjourn made and seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM.