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January 2008 Minutes

Minutes of January 11, 2008 Federation meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 8:02 p.m. by President Tony Going. All Officers were in attendance.

The following chapters were not in attendance: Berkley; Lake Hopatcong; Northern New Jersey; Raritan Valley.

Harvey Knight from North Jersey Marine congratulated the Federation for its long-standing association with North Jersey Marine and the Federation’s success; and especially noted Executive Officer Forest Honeywell’s recent contributions to the Youth Program. He then presented the 2007 tournament season Ranger Cup monies to the winners, which totaled $4,500; including $1,850 to Rich Schneidereit; $650 to Dan Ottmer; $500 to John Carpenter; $500 to Art Vitale; $500 to Mike Hart $400 to Eric Persson; and $100 to George Hutchinson. He also presented the North Jersey Marine Cup to the top finishing Federation Ranger owner for each of the 2007 Federation tournaments; with $150 to Darren Pincus; $150 to Mike Hart; $100 to Skip Lerman; and $100 to George Hutchinson. He also presented the Federation with a check for $1,100, which was his from 2007 program for Federation members who purchased a Ranger boat from North Jersey Marine. He further presented the Federation a $7,400 certificate towards the purchase of a new Ranger Comanche to Ranger Boats; as well as indicating that there was $3,000 each in product value from Evinrude and Yamaha that can be used by the Federation.

Tony thanked Harvey for all of his support over the years. Tony also indicated that Ranger Boats had also sent the Federation a $1,400 check at the beginning of 2007.

The Minutes from the December 7, 2007 Federation meeting were read by Recording Secretary Nick Angiulo. The minutes were accepted via motion/second.

The Treasury Report was read by Treasurer John Carlone. The report was accepted via motion/second.

The Tournament Report was given by Al Purdy. He indicated that the final rosters for the Team Tournament are due at the April meeting. Al indicated that the BFL event that will be held at Lake Champlain the weekend before the Team Tournament will require that he adjust the normal off-limits/prefish time on the lake for the Team Tournament. He indicated he would decide the exact time period at a future meeting. He also stated he does not need proof of a Boater Safety Card this tournament season. However, he indicated that if an angler receives a ticket during an event or fails to produce the certificate upon request he/she will be disqualified.

Tony indicated that the 2008 Mid-Atlantic Divisional will be held on Lake Erie. He stated that housing will cost less than the usual expense, but that fuel prices, etc., will be significant.

Tony stated that in response to the ever-expanding number or circuits and events, the Federation is attempting to revamp its tournament format to make it more interesting and enticing. He stated that, at a minimum, raffle monies will be added to purses. This does not include any sponsor contributions or any other monies that may be added to the purses.

Secretary Bruce Stovall and Vice President Mike Hart explained the new proposed “Pro-Am” format in detail. Bruce used a projector to allow all members in attendance to review the proposal.

A member indicated that the new format gives the boater a “license” to disadvantage the co-angler. A member asked if there is a boundary as to where the co-angler can cast. Mike indicated that there is no location that is not permitted to be casted to by the co-angler. A member indicated that he could not see how this new format would increase participation for co-anglers. A member asked if there would be “flipping” involved. Mike answered that there would be no flipping. Many other concerns/questions/comments were made by members. All who had opinions were permitted to voice them.

A roll call vote was made to determine whether the tournament format should be changed. The result of the vote was: 18 no; 7 yes; 2 abstain. Accordingly, the general format for the 2008 tournament season will remain as it was during the last part of the 2007 tournament season. Specifically, there will be a Boater and Co-Angler Division with payouts to the top six and lunker in each Division. Also, all Boaters will have the right to use his/her boat and the points for the overall yearly standings will be determined by an angler’s overall rankings among all participants.

Tony asked for any other suggestions to improve the tournaments. Member Froggy Kolasa suggested more significant advertising via the internet and in sport shops, Wal-Marts, etc.; and potentially in the New Jersey Wildlife Digest. Tony indicated that advertising events should be more significantly pursued and asked for help from the members. He also asked Dorothy Honeywell to look into potential advertising in the Digest. A discussion ensued among the members on how tournament fliers/information can be distributed most effectively.

Bruce indicated that any clubs that still owed dues, etc., needed to pay as soon as possible. He also stated that the clubs that have not yet paid the TBF dues directly to the TBF are currently delinquent. He stated that the Federation would forward checks for clubs if they provide him with a check.

Tony asked whether the members want the March meeting to be a “swap meet.” Tony suggested making it on a Saturday in conjunction with giving away the yearly awards. No determination was made on Tony’s suggestion.

Bergen Bassmasters made its presentation for “Club of the Year,” including its impressive listing of club events held for charity/youth during 2007. Its representative, Nick Albano, also noted that the club will be holding its 20TH annual Outing for the Disabled on June 14, 2008. Bergen was congratulated as Club of the Year and will not have to pay its entry into this year’s Team Tournament.

Tony stated that there are no nominations this year for “Man of the Year.” Mike indicated that for next year, it should be someone not on the Board and encouraged members to let the Board know of any activities that any individual does during the year worthy of recognition.

Forest Honeywell thanked Hutchinson Cabinets for its $500 donation to the Youth Fund. Also, the TBF contributed $1,000 to the Youth Fund for Junior Joe Morse’s victory.
Dorothy Honeywell indicated that new Federation and TBF patches were available for purchase.
A drawing for a three bank charger was held. The winner was Dan Ottmer. The drawing collected $237.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 10:22 p.m.
Submitted by Nick Angiulo, Recording Secretary.
NJ Bass Federation Minutes
By Recording Secretary Nick Angiulo