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April 2008 Minutes

Minutes of April 11, 2008 Federation meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 8:00 p.m. by President Tony Going. Executive Officer Forest Honeywell was not in attendance.

The following chapters were not in attendance: Bass Kickers; Berkley; Cullin Bass Six; Salem County; Tri-State.

The Minutes from the March 14, 2008 Federation meeting were read by Recording Secretary Nick Angiulo. The minutes were accepted via motion/second.

The Treasury Report was read by Treasurer Jim Bartolotto. The report was accepted via motion/second.

The Tournament Report was given by Al Purdy. Al indicted that the Susquehanna Flats event will be out of Elk Neck and ready to go. A valid Maryland Bay Sport or equivalent license is required. He also indicated that the website had a listing of the off limit waters on the Flats, which are all within the Aberdeen Proving Grounds. He stated that the entry deadline was April 18, and he emphasized that anyone whose entry is late will not be permitted to be a Boater, regardless of their preference. For the Lillinonah event, he reiterated that the Steel Bridge ramp will be the weigh-in area; and the first 35 entries will be assigned to the Steel Bridge ramp, with the others assigned to the Pond Brook ramp. He urges members to send in their entries early. For the Team Tournament, he collected the official team rosters. He also said that he posted a map of Lake Champlain on the website that indicates what areas of the lake require which licenses. He also reconfirmed that anglers could not use certain lead weights in Vermont waters.

Tony stated that the $3,000 additional dollars to be paid out in the point tournaments in 2008 is coming straight from the Federation Treasury. He also stated that the Federation is putting $2,000 more dollars that will be raffled out at the last event to four winners. To be eligible, an angler must participate in all five point events of 2008.

Secretary Bruce Stovall stated that he had newly revised Federation Policy and Procedure Manuals for each club. Tony stated that this manual outlines everything about the Federation. Clubs were required to sign for a copy of the manual.

Nick Albano from the Bergen Bassmasters stated that the Board agreed to have the benefit event for the USO discussed at the March regular meeting at Candlewood Lake on Columbus Day, October 13. He also indicated that he can get Candlewood Lake for a similar event for 2009 on either May 3 or May 17. He provided a draft flyer about the event to the members in attendance. He indicated that the USO representative expected at the meeting was ill and a representative should be at the May meeting.

Tony stated that at the Board meeting in early April, it was agreed that any extra monies collected at the raffles at the Team Tournament would go to the USO .

Vice President Mike Hart and Tony asked whether the membership had previously voted on the 2008 tournament format. After much discussion, Recording Secretary Nick Angiulo read from the January meeting minutes, which stated that the members approved the tournament format used at the end of the 2007 season for the 2008 season. That format has Boaters and Co-Anglers in separate Divisions with payouts to the top six finishers and lunker for each Division based on the entries in each Division. No other changes were made to the tournament format. Al Purdy confirmed that this was the decision made by the members at the January meeting.

Member Guy Giordano of Bass Busters asked the Federation for a $100 donation for holding a youth casting event/seminar/information session at a local elementary school. He indicated that he had pictures from the event and would supply an article. No objections were made. Guy also indicated he would be doing another class for a Special Education class next month.

Tony thanked all the members for their support over the past year and he said that he is looking forward to this upcoming year.

Show Director Joe Poms indicated that the Federation can do casting events at both the Suffern Outdoor Show and the Somerset Salt Water Show in 2009. He indicated that the recent casting seminar held at the Pequest Hatchery event was a tremendous success.

Tony stated that TBF members may be eligible for 50% off of Berkley products. He stated the program would be e-mail generated.

A drawing for a Berkley fishing rod was held. The winner was by John Machnicki. The drawing collected $180.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 9:00 p.m.
Submitted by Nick Angiulo, Recording Secretary.