Reminder!  The next mandatory New Jersey Bass Federation meeting is Thursday, February 1 at 8:00 p.m. at the American Legion hall located at 232 Union Avenue, Somerville, New Jersey.  As the 2017 tournament awards will be presented, it is requested that those individuals receiving awards try to attend.  Individuals receiving awards are as follows:

BOATERS:      Angler of the Year – Manny Cruz

Lunker of the Year – Keith Kurpicki

Rookie of the Year – Bill Selawsky, Jr.

CO-ANGLERS:    Angler of the Year – Donny Diggs

Lunker of the Year – Donny Diggs

Rookie of the Year – Ben Dain

2017 TEAM TOURNAMENT:  WINNING TEAM – Big “D” Valley Bassmasters – Nick Angiulo; Kevin Kelly; Dexter Marshall; Ryan McGinty; Glenn Savino; Bruce Stearn.

Additionally, all clubs should be registered in the TBF system by the date of the meeting.  There are several clubs that have not yet registered.  Contact Secretary Nick Angiulo (nickangiulo@verizon.net) as soon as possible if you need assistance registering your club.  If your club is not yet registered and registers after receiving this message, please send the payment for the generated invoice immediately or bring the payment to the meeting.  There are also some clubs that have registered but have not yet paid the invoice.  Those clubs should bring the payment to the meeting.

Further, preliminary Team Tournament rosters are due at the meeting along with any associated fees.  Remember, the Team Tournament fees are as follows:  $100 per member fishing ($600 for a full team).  If your club is not participating in the Team Tournament, the minimum $100 payment is required.  The final Team Tournament rosters and any outstanding payments are due at the May 10 meeting.  Please use the Team Tournament Final Roster Form & the Team Tournament Fees Form provided.

Finally, all clubs should remit the required annual club dues in the amount of $50 at the meeting.

Any club with questions about the above should contact Secretary Nick Angiulo (nickangiulo@verizon.net) as soon as possible.