Alabama Rig Announcement

I have attached the Vermont Statement on use of the Alabama Rig, and spoke with NJ DEC (Fishing Dept). NY mirror’s Vermont on their position of use of the Alabama Rig.


Mike Hart

Vermont (VTFW) on Lake Champlain:  “The Department’s interpretation of the Alabama Rig is that by definition, it does not constitute a “lure” in and of itself, since it is hookless. As such, it can be construed as nothing more than terminal tackle, such as a wire leader, except with 5 strands of wire instead of one. The Alabama Rig does not become a lure intended to catch fish until hooks are added. It is the Department’s interpretation that the Alabama Rig is legal to use in Vermont, provided no more than two lures with hooks intended to catch fish are attached to it.” New York regs on Champlain mirrors Vermont’s on Champlain which only allows two baits on one line. As of now, it’s still legal in the rest of NY. There are a bunch of new regs in NY up for public comment I saw someplace but I don’t think the A-rig was one of the proposed changes up for review. But in my opinion, it will come up before too long.