Millennium Junior Bassmasters

Location: Millennium Junior Bassmasters are based in Newfield New Jersey. Newfield is a small town in the extreme southern part of the State.

Purpose: To teach the youth of our club, conservation, sportsmanship and to be an ethical Outdoors person. We teach the skills that these young people will need as an adult, such as, getting along with others, compromising for the better of a group as a whole, how to solve conflict calmly, how to run an organization as Youth Officers and Club Members and many other life skills. Not to mention, we try to teach great fishing skills, and how to have a great time without causing harm to others or the environment.

History: Millennium Junior Bassmasters name has been around for quite a few years, but as their membership started to dwindle down due to the members getting to old to compete, the Club was in jeopardy of shutting down. We (Gloucester County Bass Club) were approached about rebuilding Millennium in September of 2009, we accepted the offer along with the 4 existing members and are now 18 members strong.

Sponsoring Adult Club:
Gloucester County Bass Club

Senior Advisors:
Craig Mangano, Vince Parisi, Al Purdy

Blackwater Sports Center – Vineland New Jersey-Burton Baits