February 2009 Minutes

Minutes of February 13, 2009 Federation meeting.

Prior to the meeting being called to order, President Tony Going introduced Harvey Knight of North Jersey Marine to present cash awards from both North Jersey Marine and Ranger Boats for the 2008 tournament season.
Harvey first presented the 2008 North Jersey Marine Cup tournament money to the highest placing anglers who purchased a Ranger boat from North Jersey Marine. Anglers receiving monies for the North Jersey Marine Cup were: Mike Hart – $200; Darren Pincus – $150; George Hutchinson – $100; and Mitch Pierson – $100. Harvey then announced the anglers receiving Ranger Cup tournament monies, including: Rich Schneidereit – $2000; Mike Hart – $600; Darren Pincus – $600; Bruce Stovall – $400; Karl Ulmer – $300; George Hutchinson – $100; Mitch Pierson – $300; Jim Beatty – $100; and Eric Persson – $100.
Harvey also presented the Federation with $450 based on the Ranger boats that were bought at North Jersey Marine by Federation members in 2008. He also donated a $50 Ranger Boats sportswear certificate and a Stearns PFD to the Federation.
Harvey indicated that in his travels throughout the county in the boating industry, the New Jersey Bass Federation is well known and respected. He also commended the Federation’s Youth program as one of the finest in the nation.
The meeting was called to order at 8:16 p.m. by President Going. All Board members were in attendance.
The following chapters were not in attendance: Bass Kickers; Bucketmouth Brigade; Cullin’ Bass Six; Essex County; First Generation; Hawg Heaven; and Sunrise.
The Minutes from the January 9, 2009 Federation meeting were read by Recording Secretary Nick Angiulo. The minutes were accepted via motion/second.
The Treasury Report was read by Treasurer Jim Bartolotto. The Treasury Report was accepted via motion/second.
The Tournament Report was given by Tournament Director Al Purdy. Al stated that the final Team Tournament rosters were due at the March meeting. He informed clubs to make sure that the club name is prominent on the roster, and that the team Captain’s phone number is provided. Boaters should be listed first on the final roster. He also indicated that he needs a copy of current boat insurance policies for all Boaters’ and any other individuals who are bringing boats. He indicated that the policy should be effective through the Team Tournament. If it is not, participants need to provide the expiring copy in March and bring the current policy to the event. Al stated that there is no off limits period for the Team Tournament.
Al also indicated that for the 2009 point circuit, one copy of the Boater’s insurance is required. When it lapses, it needs to be updated. Al emphasized that he will be spot checking State fishing licenses at the events. He also indicated that if an angler is receiving a check, a fishing license will need to be produced. Al further stated that although the Federation no longer requires up front presentation of a Boater Safety Certificate, where those documents are required by law (such as in New Jersey), any angler who is asked to produce the certificate and cannot will be disqualified. Member Nick Albano stated that the only valid Boater Safety Certificate in New Jersey is issued by the New Jersey State Police; and the Coast Guard issued version is not sufficient. Finally, Al commended Show Director Joe Poms and the other individuals who are working at the outdoor shows since he is receiving many individual requests for affiliate membership based on their presentations.
Secretary Bruce Stovall indicated that there are many Federation members who are current TBF members who have lapsed FLW membership. Members must also be current FLW members to be able to fish in Federation events.
Tony indicated that the Federation recently received 81, $100 certificates from Evinrude that will be sold to members at half price. He encouraged members to purchase the certificates, and indicated the proceeds would be placed into the 2009 tournament payouts.
Tony indicated that for the 2009 point events, based on the extra money in the Treasury derived partly from TBF/FLW sponsorship, $6000 will be added to the tournament payouts. The breakdown will be: $3000 in payouts ($600 per event); $2000 in four $500 raffles at the last event; and several fishing rods per event that will be raffled off for free. To be eligible for the $500 raffles, an angler must fish in all five events. To be eligible for the rods, anglers must not have received a check in the particular event and be present at the drawing.
Executive Officer/Youth Director Forest Honeywell thanked the numerous individuals who assisted him in the past year and continue to assist him. He stated that at the upcoming Suffern Outdoor Show, one Reel Kids casting event will be held by the Federation on Sunday, and the Federation will be assisting in running a casting challenge event ($2 entry fee) for anyone who goes to the show where participants compete for prizes, including tackle and GPSs. This casting challenge is ongoing during the entire show. He asked for any volunteers to help out for the events, especially for Thursday and Friday, as well as for the weekend. Volunteers receive free entry into the show. Anyone interested in volunteering to help should contact Forest or Joe Poms directly.
Tony stated that the room raffle for the Team Tournament will be held at the March meeting.
Bruce indicated that the owner of the Fishing Friendzy Kidz Park contacted him and asked if there were any Federation anglers interesting in providing seminars for young anglers at the Park. Bruce asked for volunteers from members in the Allentown, New Jersey area.
Tony thanked Alan Zenkert for donating many thousands of plastic baits in the past for the youth.
Environmental Director P.J. Bartolotto indicated that Greenwood Lake’s State owned land may be used in the future for a ramp or other access beneficial programs. He also stated that there is a Freshwater Fisheries Program at Batsto Village on February 28 which he will be attending.
Tony and Vice President Mike Hart asked for members to volunteer for the 2010 Tournament Committee. Those interested should contact Mike directly.
Berkley Bassmasters member Fred Smith indicated that its club contact never submitted its Team Tournament roster or money. He asked that the club be allowed to currently submit its roster and money and fish in this year’s Team Tournament. There were no objections from the membership.
Al Purdy presented the 2008 tournament awards to those anglers in attendance, including presentation of the 2008 Mr. Bass award to Ron Schneider, who will serve as Captain of the 2009 State Team.
Joe Poms indicated that the Federation will be holding casting events at the Pequest Hatchery on April 4 and 5. He also indicated that he could use one or two anglers to give 45 minute seminars. Anyone interested should contact Joe directly.
The Federation collected $350 in raffle proceeds. The prizes included two rods, a tackle bag, a $50 Ranger wear certificate and a Stearns PFD. The winners were Nick Angiulo, Kaz Dabrowsky, Mike Riley, Bruce Stovall and Dennis Foley.
A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 9:16 p.m.
Submitted by Nick Angiulo, Recording Secretary.