Candlewood Cancellation and Schedule

The New Jersey Bass Federation’s (NJBF) May 15 & 16, 2020 event scheduled for Candlewood Lake is cancelled.  In this regard, the State of Connecticut will not issue any tournament permits due to the coronavirus pandemic until after May 20, at the earliest.

While it is disappointing that the event is cancelled, we commend Connecticut’s decision as it is the prudent course of action.  It is currently just too risky to allow any organized group events until there is more certainty as to the abatement of the virus.

Regardless, the NJBF still plans on hosting a full 2020 tournament schedule.  As permitted, we intend on having our June 18 & 19 Team Tournament on Lake Champlain, as well as our two points events to be held on July 19 on the Northern Chesapeake Bay and August 9 to be held on Lake Hopatcong.  To make up for the cancelled Candlewood Lake event, our tentative plan is to hold a one-day event on August 23 (location to be determined).

Anyone who has already signed up for the Candlewood event can have their entry applied to the next event.  Just sign up normally online for the next event(s) and submit the registration without remitting payment.  Anyone requesting a refund should send an e-mail to and request same.

We hope that you all continue to support the NJBF during this difficult time and, most importantly, stay safe and healthy.