Jul 20

Delaware Tournament Procedures and Pairings



Attached are the PRELIMINARY PAIRINGS for this Sunday’s Delaware River event. These are subject to change.


In this regard, the two co-anglers listed at the top of page 1 with no boaters are on the waiting list. Without further boater registrations, they will not be able to fish.

Jun 22


Submitted by: Nick Angiulo
Every two years now for more than a decade, the New Jersey Bass Federation has scheduled its annual Team Tournament on Lake Champlain. And for good reason! Lake Champlain is one of the world’s best overall bass fisheries, and routinely produces both prodigious numbers and weights of smallmouth and largemouth bass. The lake also offers nearly unlimited opportunities for anglers to catch fish in numerous ways, such as fishing shallow or deep weed areas, rock ledges and humps, or just about everything in between. Add those factors to the scenic beauty of the Adirondack Mountains and you have just a few of the reasons why some of the most accomplished bass professionals in the world consider Lake Champlain their favorite lake. And as in year’s past, this year’s event, held on June 16 and June 17, proved to be a highly competitive affair.

The Team Tournament pits the top six anglers from each participating New Jersey Bass Federation club against one another in a two-day, cumulative weight event, and the event routinely brings New Jersey’s best bass anglers out to compete. Aside from the team portion of the event, where the top five teams received cash prizes, the top eight individuals received cash prizes and the top six anglers in each division (Boater/Co-Angler) qualified to advance to the 2016 District 15 TBF National Semi-Final.

This year’s winning team, the Bucketmouth Brigade, made a furious comeback between Day 1 and Day 2. In fact, after the first day of competition, the team found itself in 10TH place with 65.17 pounds, more than 10 pounds from first place. However, following the lead of the event’s overall winner, Dave Frost, the team more than made up that deficit on Day 2 and won the event by the closest of margins, a mere 1.25 pounds.

The team’s overall weight was 150.94 pounds. The team comprised of the following members: John Carpenter; Dave Frost; Frank Hutchinson; Al “Froggy” Kolasa; Doug Peabody; and Joe Sodora. While each of the team’s members played their part, as mentioned above, one member clearly led the way. Leading the team and winning the individual portion of the event was Dave Frost with 38.82 pounds. Frost’s Day 1 weight of 17.38 pounds had him safely in second place, but it was his Day 2 weight that stunned the attendees. Frost’s Day 2 limit of 21.44 pounds, the largest of the event by over two pounds, gave him his total and an overall winning margin of over six pounds. The next highest team finisher was John Carpenter with 28.34 pounds. Carpenter was followed by Kolasa with 25.78 pounds, Hutchinson with 24.68 pounds; Peabody with 19.24 pounds and Sodora with 11.96 pounds.

The Day 1 leading team, the Mega Bass 6, finished in a close second place. While the team posted similar weight totals between Day 1 and Day 2, it could not amass enough weight to combat the Day 2 onslaught of the Bucketmouth Brigade. In the two days, the team compiled a total weight of 149.69 pounds. Consistency was the key for this squad as every team member posted at least 22 pounds over the two days. The team was led by Federation President Mike Hart with 30.19 pounds. Hart was followed by George Hutchinson with 26.61 pounds, Randy Hutchinson with 24.22 pounds, Frank White with 23.15 pounds, Ron Bassani with 22.90 pounds and Jim Beatty with 22.62 pounds.

Finishing in third place was the Big “D” Valley Bassmasters with a total weight of 143.65 pounds. The team, which consisted of three anglers who had never fished the lake before, weighed in similar weights each day. The team was led by Carl Fontana with 29.46 pounds, placing him in fourth place in the Co-Angler Division. Fontana was followed by Dexter Marshall with 26.66 pounds; Nick Angiulo with 25.52 pounds; Ryan McGinty with 25.29 pounds; Glen Savino with 18.82 pounds; and Dave Lindabury with 17.90 pounds.

Aside from the team aspect of the event, as previously mentioned, the top eight individual finishers received cash prizes. Those individuals were as follows:
1ST Place – Dave Frost – Bucketmouth Brigade – 38.82 pounds; 2ND Place – Chris Liobis – Bergen Bassmasters – 33.53 pounds; 3RD Place – Joseph Casale – North Jersey Bass Anglers – 32.72 pounds; 4TH Place – Greg Trass – Bergen Bassmasters – 31.35 pounds; 5TH Place – Chris Lee – Essex County Bassmasters – 31.19 pounds; 6TH Place – Alan Zenkert – Northern NJ Bassmasters – 31.14 pounds; 7TH Place – Pete Longo – Clearwater Bassmasters – 30.96 pounds; 8TH Place – Ben Keysper – Raritan Valley Bassmasters – 30.93 pounds.

Additionally, the top six anglers in each division (Boater/Co-Angler) qualified to advance to the 2016 District 15 TBF National Semi-Final.

Those individuals are as follows:
Boater Division/Co-Angler Division: Dave Frost/Joseph Casale; Chris Liobis/Greg Trass; Chris Lee/Steve Brinster; Alan Zenkert,Carl Fontana; Pete Longo,Frank Hutchinson; Ben Keysper/William Garcia

Tournament Notes
1. While this event did not produce the large weights that are possible at Lake Champlain, the results were nonetheless impressive. In this regard, the 102 anglers weighed in 871 fish over the two days. Of those 871 fish, 868 (99.66%) were returned to the lake alive. Kudos are warranted to all the anglers and Tournament Staff for ensuring that all fish were handled properly and kept alive. The total weight for the event was 2,200.08 pounds, which comes out to 21.57 pounds per angler and a per fish average of 2.53 pounds. Finally, 53 anglers (51.96%) weighed in 10 fish limits.

2. Special thanks to all the anglers who volunteered to help the Tournament Staff before, during and after the event. It is sincerely appreciated!

Jun 03

Lake Champlain June 16-17

The Preliminary Pairings for Day 1 and Day 2 of the Team Tournament are available on the Tournament page!

May 27

New Jersey Bass Federation Team Tournament Instructions, June 16-17, Lake Champlain

Below are the procedures for the June 16 and 17, 2016, Lake Champlain Team Tournament. Please read these instructions carefully. If you have any questions, please contact either Tournament Director Dan Goykhman at 973-517-6325 or Secretary Nick Angiulo at 609-598-1512. It is suggested that anglers print a copy of these instructions/procedures out and keep them with them on the water.

Preliminary Information
1. All Boaters must have a copy of their current boat insurance documentation with them at all times. Random spot checks of boat insurance may be performed.

2. Boater safety cards are required to operate the boat in any manner (including the trolling motor). Random spot checks of boater safety cards may be performed.

3. All anglers must have an appropriate fishing license. Either a New York or Vermont license is accepted. A New York license covers all of the lake except for certain northern Vermont areas and any Vermont creeks. A Vermont license covers the entire lake except for South Bay. Random spot checks of fishing licenses may be performed.

4. Co-Anglers need to provide their own personal flotation devices.

5. Co-Anglers are expected to share expenses with Boaters on the tournament days.

6. This is not a Pro-Am style event. Co-Anglers are entitled to one-half of the fishing day in locations of their choosing. Additionally, Co-Anglers with boater safety cards are entitled to, if they wish, operate the boat while fishing for one-half of the fishing day. It is recommended that Boaters and Co-Anglers discuss these arrangements before the beginning of the tournament day.

7. The preliminary pairings for both Day 1 and Day 2 will be posted on the website at least one week prior to the event. These are subject to change. Anglers are encouraged to review the pairings and ensure that the cell phone number listed is current. If not, they should contact Secretary Nick Angiulo immediately and update the number.

8. Anglers who are required to change their category (Boater/Co-Angler) between Day 1 and Day 2 of the event, will remain in their original category for purposes of qualifying for the National Semi- Final. For example, a Boater on Day 1 has boat issues and must fish as a co-angler on Day 2. He will be considered a Boater in the event and can qualify for the National Semi-Final only in the Boater Division.

9. All anglers must cease any and all pre-fishing for this event no later than 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 15, 2016. Any angler violating this provision will be summarily disqualified from the event.

10. A Captain’s meeting will be held at the Ticonderoga Ramp at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 15, 2016. The only issue that the Captains need to report is whether there are any last minute changes. If there are no changes, the Captain’s need not appear at this meeting. Also, any Captain who is aware of any changes at any time prior to that meeting is advised to immediately contact Tournament Director Dan Goykhman and communicate the change.

11. The tournament briefing meeting will be held promptly at 4:00 p.m. at the Ticonderoga Ramp at on Wednesday, June 15, 2016. All anglers must attend. The final pairings will be available at that time.

Pre-Event Morning Procedures
1. For this event, the boat check will be held prior to launching your boat at the Ticonderoga Ramp. Boat check will begin promptly at 4:30 a.m. Tournament boat check staff will be checking your boat while you are in line waiting to launch. Do not launch your boat without checking in. At the boat check, please have your navigation lights in and on and your live wells open. You will receive your tournament boat number fob at that time. If you are arriving to the ramp by water, you must locate a tournament official to receive your fob and have him check your boat.

2. Once you are through boat check, launch your boat as soon as possible. If possible, please make sure that you have arranged with your Co-Angler where he is to meet you (either before launching or after). Anglers are encouraged to contact one another to coordinate these details.

3. Once you and your Co-Angler are in your boat, please take your boat away from the docks and remain in the area until the beginning of the event. We plan to promptly begin the event no later than 6:00 a.m. (earlier if ready) and will be giving final on the water instructions just prior to that time. The launch boat will be the final boat in the third flight each day.

4. Boaters will retain their boat number each day but will be assigned different Co-Anglers. For your information, this event will be run in three flights, as follows:

Day 1: Boats 1 through 18 – First Flight – due back by 3:00 p.m.; Boats 19 through 36 – Second Flight – due back by 3:20 p.m.; Boats 37 through 53 (or last boat) – Third Flight – due back by 3:40 p.m. Day 2: Boats 53 (or last boat) through 37 – First Flight – due back by 3:00 p.m.; Boats 36 through 19 – Second Flight – due back by 3:20 p.m.; Boats 18 through 1 – Third Flight – due back by 3:40 p.m.
NOTE: Tournament staff boats (no boat number assigned) will be launched in the First Flight each day after the second boat of the First Flight is launched since they are required to return to prepare for the weigh-in each day no later than 2:45 pm.

Afternoon Check-In Procedures
1. All boats must check in with the check-in boat prior to the time they are due back in and return the number fob to that boat. Failure to check in or return the fob is cause for the both the Boater and Co-Angler’s weight to be disqualified for that day. The afternoon check-in boat for each day will be communicated to the participants at the tournament briefing meeting. That boat should be located, starting at 2:45 p.m., just inside the no wake buoy in front of the ramp. If you return earlier than that time, you still must go back and check in and return your fob to the check-in boat prior to your check-in time.

2. Once you are checked in, please pull your boat. This will be a trailered weigh in. For those who arrived to the event by water, once checked in, tie your boat up to the docks and proceed to the weigh-in.

Weigh-In Procedures
1. The weigh-in will begin at 3:15 p.m. (or earlier if staff is ready). If you are in the first flight, after you have checked in and trailered your boat, please come up to the trailer area where you will be able to take weigh in bags back to your boats. If no bags are available, please form a bag line (you will be instructed where to do so by tournament staff). You may bring fish, with sufficient water, to the weigh-in tanks prior to 3:15 p.m., but please do not attempt to weigh in any fish prior to 3:15 p.m. unless instructed to do so by tournament staff.

2. Please try to keep your fish in good condition and in water at all times except for when weighing in.

After Weigh-In Procedures
1. After weighing in on Day 1, anglers are free to leave. Any boat or other issues should be communicated to the Tournament Director prior to leaving. Any changes to the pairings that result will be communicated directed to those involved by the Tournament Director later that day.

2. At the conclusion of the weigh-in on Day 2, we will be awarding cash prizes to the top 8 anglers in the event, naming the 12 qualifiers for the TBF National Semi-Final (6 Boaters/6 Co-Anglers) and awarding cash prizes to the top 5 finishing Teams. Anglers/Teams are encouraged to stay for these presentations and for pictures at the conclusion of the awards presentation.

Miscellaneous Notes
1. Please remember, there is a five-fish limit per day in this event and all bass must be a minimum of 12 inches long. Additionally, proper fish care is essential. Please use appropriate additives and/or ice to maintain your catch. No dead fish may be culled. Please make sure to release your fish in a manner to lessen the chance of delayed mortality. The off limits area will be communicated to anglers at the event but should not be significantly different from previous events at this venue.

2. Vermont State law prohibits the use of lead weights weighing ½ ounce or less unless attached to a hook (such as a jighead, spinnerbait head, etc.) that is at least one-inch long. If you receive a citation for violating this or any other provision of New York of Vermont State law, your weight for that day will be disallowed.

3. The use of umbrella/Alabama-type rigs will not be permitted in this event.

4. Some clubs may be assigned to assist with pre-tournament, weigh-in and post-tournament tasks to assist the staff. Clubs will be picked for such assignments at the tournament pairings meeting. If a club is assigned a task and does not complete it, it may be subject to disqualification. However, any individuals wishing to assist tournament staff with anything on the tournament days are encouraged and welcome to do so. Please contact Dan or Nick as soon as possible if you are willing to help.

5. Anyone taking pictures at the event, please feel free to forward them to Nick Angiulo at nickangiulo@verizon.net for inclusion on the website and Facebook site.

Apr 25


Submitted by: Nick Angiulo, April 25, 2016 – The New Jersey Bass Federation’s first point event of its newly restructured tournament program shaped up to be a slugfest of epic proportions. With reports of giant fish being caught and huge tournament winning weights on the river systems that make up the Northern Chesapeake Bay (also known colloquially as the Susquehanna Flats), Federation anglers were licking their chops awaiting the April 24 event. However, as is often the case in fishing, the predicted massacre did not occur for various reasons such as the cold front that dropped water temperatures the night before the event and the incredible pounding the fish had taken due to other large early season tournaments. Nevertheless, while many anglers found the fishing to be just average or worse, the event did produce a new Federation one-day tournament winning weight record of 26.40 pounds, along with two other weights breaking the 20-pound mark. The event also marked the largest payouts to the winners of the Boater and Co-Angler Divisions in recent memory.

Boater - 1st PlaceBoater Division

Winning 1ST place in the Boater Division in record shattering fashion was John Carpenter of the K.O.B.A. chapter. Carpenter, who is from Marmora, New Jersey, is no stranger to victory on the Flats, having last won there at the Federation’s May 18, 2014 event. However, this time he made it a victory for the ages. In this regard, Carpenter’s 26.40 pounds crushed the previous Federation one-day tournament weight record by nearly a full three pounds. The prior record was 23.49 pounds held by Dave Frost. Carpenter’s five-fish limit was made up of two “book-ends,” namely, 6.54 and 6.49 pound largemouths. That means the rest of his limit merely weighed an additional 13.37 pounds. In fact, his winning creel had a per fish average of a remarkable 5.28 pounds! It is fitting that a record weight took the event, as Carpenter’s Boater Division guaranteed minimum first prize of $2,000 is among the largest cash prizes ever awarded in a Federation event.
Surely, if anyone asked 2ND place finisher, Rob Laufenberg, before the event began whether a 23.17 pound limit would be enough to win the event, he would have likely stated “yes.” However, in this event, that weight was only good enough to secure Laufenberg’s spot in 2ND place. Laufenberg, from Dover, New Jersey and a member of the Bucketmouth Brigade, had a weight that would have won all but two other events in the Federation’s history. However, while the unfortunate timing of Laufenberg’s great day may not have been enough to secure him the top at this event, he still earned every penny of his $870 2ND place Boater Division prize.

The 3RD place Boater Division finisher, Derick Olson, also broke the 20- pound barrier with five fish for 20.12 pounds. Olson, from Honey Brook, Pennsylvania and a member of the Quickfire Bassmasters, also weighed in the Boater Division lunker winning fish, a massive 7.22 pound largemouth, which
ranks as the 4TH largest lunker weighed in at a Federation event. Olson received $635 for his 3RD place finish and an additional $125 for his lunker. Finishing in a distant 4TH place, but nonetheless in the money, was Skeeter Lloyd. Lloyd, from Edgewater Park and a member of the Big D Valley Bassmasters weighed in four fish for 12.26 pounds, worth $150.
While not in the money, the 5TH and 6TH place Boater Division finishers received “Free Entry” certificates into future events. Those certificates were awarded to Jason Orecchio, who finished with 9.70 pounds, and Mike Keller, who finished with 9.50 pounds.

Co-Angler Division

Co-Anglers in this season’s Federation events are vying for a minimum guaranteed one-day first prize of $1,250. That incentive, as well as the chance to move on to a TBF National Semi-Final event, has Federation Co-Anglers registering in droves. Such an influx makes for keen competition. This event was no exception, as the top spots were separated by less than one-half pound on a day where the Co- Angler Division was marked not by numbers of fish, but rather, by size of fish.
The winner in the Co-Angler Division was Michael Lee. Lee, from Riverdale, New Jersey and a member of the Essex County Bassmasters rode a big fish bite to victory by placing two fish on the scales that totaled 10.42 pounds. One of his two fish, a 5.71 pound largemouth, was also big enough to capture the Co-Angler Division lunker prize. Lee is making a habit of winning, as this victory makes two in a row. In this regard, Lee won last year’s final event of the season held on the Delaware River. Lee was more than happy to accept the $1,250 Co-Angler Division first prize check as well as the additional $100 he earned based on his lunker.

Second place went to newcomer Logan Fitzpatrick who is from Pennsville, New Jersey and a member of the Castaway Bassmasters. In his first-ever Federation event, Fitzpatrick brought three fish to the scales weighing 10.06 pounds. That result, while just short of capturing the top prize, was still worth $560. The 3RD Place Co-Angler Division winner was Ken Gremli with three fish weighing 8.53 pounds. Gremli, from Long Valley, New Jersey and also a member of the Castaway Bassmasters, received $370. Finishing in 4TH place was Chris Ferry who weighed in two fish for 7.50 pound. Ferry, from Frenchtown, New Jersey and a member of the South Jersey Hawg Hunters received $100.
Similar to the Boater Division, the next two highest finishing eligible Co- Anglers received “Free Entry” certificates into future events.1 Those certificates
1 Terry Stevens finished in 5TH place with 7.25 pounds, but is not eligible to receive a Free Entry certificate.
were awarded to Armando Lugo, who finished with 5.70 pounds, and C.J. Tuite and Pete Longo, who were tied with 5.26 pounds.2

Miscellaneous Notes
1. Only three anglers brought five fish limits to the scales and 66 fish totaling over 236 pounds were weighed in. The per fish average weight was an impressive 3.58 pounds. Additionally, in the Boater Division, two fish over seven pounds and two fish over six pounds were weighed in; and in the Co- Angler Division, three fish over five pounds were weighed in. All fish were released alive.
2. As winners of the event, John Carpenter and Michael Lee are eligible to compete at New Jersey’s district 2016 TBF National Semi-Final event so long as they compete in the remaining two Federation events.
3. By virtue of being the highest placing eligible Ranger Boat owner in the event, John Carpenter will receive $250 in Ranger Cup bonus money.


Apr 19

Northern Chesapeake Bay April 24

The current pairings for the April 24 Northern Chesapeake Bay event are posted under the Tournaments section and also HERE. These are subject to change. Additionally, since we have more Co-Anglers than Boaters, we are continuing the extension of the registration period for Boaters only. If you are a Boater and want to fish, please contact Dan Goykhman or Nick Angiulo immediately or register for the event on our website. We do not want to leave any Co-Anglers out!

The Co-Anglers on the waiting list are shown on the pairings as the final three “boats” listed (boats 30, 31 and 32). These are in order of when the Co-Anglers registered. So, we will be filling them in in that order as any additional Boaters register.

Additionally instructions regarding the Tournament Procedures and other information will be provided later this week.

Mar 16

Tournament Reminder/Application Instructions

Believe it or not, it is only 1 month from the registration deadline for the Federation’s first event of the season, to be held on April 24 on the Northern Chesapeake Bay. Register early as all registrations must be received and paid for no later than midnight on April 15.

As there is sometimes confusion as to how to use the online application form, please follow the step-by-step instructions below. 

1. Go to njbassfederation.com. Scroll over on the “Tournaments” tab across the top and then click on the “Online Tournament Registration” link.

2. Fill in all requested information. Then, near the bottom, make sure you click the box indicating that you have read and agree with the “General Release Waiver and Hold Harmless Agreement” (you can find/read them in the “Members/Application Forms” area of the website.

3. Then click the following box indicating your signature.

4. Then click the following box entitled “Remit Payment to PayPal”.

5. Then click the link indicating “Send Tournament Registration – CLICK THIS FIRST”. Once you do this, after a few moments you should get a message indicating that the registration was sent successfully. Once you receive this message, it is time to remit payment as follows.

6. Click the “Buy Now” link at the bottom of the page and you should be directed to a PayPal screen. In the box on the left indicating “Item Price” ENTER THE AMOUNT TO BE PAID (e.g. Boater $150 for a 1-day event/ $200 for a 2-day event; Co-Angler $100 for a 1-day event/$150 for a 2-day event) and click Update just below that box.

7. From there you should be able to log into PayPal and pay via credit card, instant transfer, etc.

Mar 04

National Semi-Final Overview

National Semi-Final Overview

Feb 22

2016 NJBF Schedule Flyer

NJBF Schedule Flyer


DATE / LOCATION / Boater / Co-Angler

April 24 / Northern Chesapeake Bay,MD / $150 / $100

July 24 / Delaware River, NJ / $150 / $100

August 20/21 / Lake Hopatcong, NJ / $200 / $150

Jan 26

NJBF Meeting Announcement

The next mandatory NJBF meeting is Thursday, February 11, 2016 at 8pm at the American Legion Hall in Somerville. Any unpaid club Membership invoices are due at this meeting. If you have not yet registered your club or are having difficulty doing so, please immediately contact Forest Honeywell or Nick Angiulo who will be happy to assist you.
Additionally, while the signed final Six Man Team Tournament roster and release form will not be due until the May 12, 2016 meeting. Team Tournament entry fees and yearly chapter dues must be paid at the February meeting. For the forms, go to http://njbassfederation.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/NJBF-AnnualChapterResponsibilities-2015-Final2.pdf. However, if you have your final roster,please bring it to the meeting.
Finally, the 2015 tournament awards will be presented at the February meeting. Any member receiving an award should plan on attending.

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